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Flight training schools nowadays offer a lot more than just programs for aspiring pilots. For those who don’t have the time to acquire a pilot’s license nor have the money to do it, there are some alternative ways to get your flying fix, and they are also a great way to end an epic holiday with a bang. We are talking about the increasingly common aviation experience programs, which let you do a multitude of things depending on your skills and fearlessness. Most of them involve a simple tour of the area, but there are also some which let you take the controls to perform stunning aerial acrobatics, a really unique experience that you will hardly forget for the rest of your life!

In order to get the best out of a scenic flights Bankstown airport session, you need to be careful about a few things to ensure you don’t book the wrong program. After all, who wants to do some crazy stunts after having had a full breakfast just an hour ago?

Go Through the Available Programs

First of all, take some time to go through all the different programs available. Pay attention to the description and name of the program. A comprehensive summary, listing all the different activities will be given. If not, make sure to call and ask for missing particulars. Never pick or book an aviation experience program without knowing what it is about.

Consider the Total Duration of the Program

Most programs will be over in an hour, with a few intensive ones totalling only half that amount. Make sure to take this into consideration if you want to do some other activities during the day, or you will not be able to make use of the remaining time available to check all the tourist destinations and points of interest.

Compare Prices

Different programs will have different price ranges, so make sure to compare with the available flight schools nearby to see which one offers the most aggressively priced packages. If you are lucky, your hotel subscription may even allow you to get a deal or combo package to save a lot of money or to extend the duration of the exciting aerobatic flight in Sydney.

Take Note of Your Physical Condition

Certain programs may only be suitable for fully fit and healthy people. These often involve aerial acrobatics or stunts which can put a lot of pressure on your body. Avoid booking them if you are not fully fit or if you are advanced in age. For more information, it would be a good idea to ask about anything that requires further clarification, or else you may be denied access to the plane’s cockpit later on.